We have found that windows, even as new as 5-7 years, can develop problems rendering them useless. The most common problem is a broken seal which nullifies the efficiency and eliminates the ability to clean the window.

Unreinforced vinyl windows tend to sag over time because glass is very heavy. This can happen as soon as 5 years after installation. When this happens it weakens the window and causes the seal to break faster but it also looks aesthetically unpleasing.

Faded Windows

Manufacturers using subpar materials, like recycled vinyl, can leave homeowners disappointed with their windows. 

Pure vinyl is the only material known not to fade over time. When mixed with recycled plastics there’s no guarantee how your window will look 10 years later.

Big Box Windows

Stand size vinyl windows are widely available at big box stores. The downside to this is not only in the quality of the window, but they require adjustments to the opening that lead to an unsightly finished product

You also lose glass surface and part of your view

The installation is 80% of how your window will perform in the long run. Companies and installation crews are known to cut corners on many facets of the job to get it done quickly. Fasteners, insulation, making the frame plumb, and exterior trims are all separate procedures that must be done correctly.
Starting with inadequate insulation, a sub par installation can sometimes take years to rear its ugly head. Improperly insulated and flashed windows will likely grow mold.


High quality pure PVC custom sized vinyl replacement windows from are the best solution in Michigan. The oldest window company is Anderson, the 2nd oldest window company is Alside clocking in at 73 years old. We offer Alside, Andersen, & Pella windows to our customers.

Air Infiltration

Air-infiltration occurs when air penetrates a home through small spaces in the windows
Andersen 400 Series <0.2
Pella 350 Series <0.15
Alside Mezzo Series <0.04

According to the Department of energy 70% of your heat
and 46% of your air conditioning is escaping
through your windows!

Triple Pane

Maximum Thermal Efficiency

  • Triple pane glass far out performs any double pane.
  • Silver oxide coatings protect your home from radiant and conductive heat by reflecting the sun back away from your home.
  • Argon gas is a very dense gas that prevents heat or cold transferring from the inside or outside of your home.
  • Foam filled cavities and frames prevent the vinyl from becoming much colder or warmer than the glass.
  • Extruded steel reinforcements for the frame and sashes prevent any sagging or flexing in the vinyl.

Heat Loss through your Windows

All of our windows far exceed Energy Star standards. In our northern state 0.27 U-Factor is required to qualify and our windows are as low as 0.21.

Many customers see their investment returned in less than 5 Years!

Heat Loss through your Windows

Alside Windows