Siding Preparation


There are certain  preparations  that need to be addressed before  the  job can begin. Window  frames,  door frames, roof abutments, etc. need to be properly flashed and sealed. This step allows for water proofing  the  weak spots in your home.


Tyvek is the first layer that is installed on a siding job. This helps keep air and water out, while letting water vapor escape.


Once the home is  wrapped and waterproofed, we use the correct starter strip. Our starter strip is metal unlike many other companies who use flimsy plastic.

Foam Insulation

Before putting new siding panels up it is a good idea to consider adding insulation to your home. Fan fold 1/2 inch insulation is the most common type and will add up to an R- Value of 3, making it an Energy Star upgrade. Insulation is a standard part of any GSH siding installation.

Seams, Seams, and more Seams


Shorter siding lengths can cause more gaps where wind and debris can cause damage to the look of your home’s exterior. Most companies use 12’ siding lengths because they cost less and are easier to install.


Our “skilled craftsmen” are well equipped to install the premium 16’ panels that make your home look fantastic.



J Channel and J blocks will accentuate and compliment your home around sections that can’t be removed. Such as gas and electrical meter, water spickets, and electrical sockets.


Although it’s a minor component in the entire  project, it  is one of the most time consuming tasks leading to many sub- standard crews cutting corners  leaving homeowners with a less than desirable finish.

Done right J Channel and accessory boxes will not only serve as flashing but it will also bring out the details in your home and compliment them.



Light Blocks need to be set before the siding goes  up. This is an important step to assure that your outdoor lighting hangs parallel to your house and not on an angle.



F Channel is used to install soffit, it provides a receiving channel to hide ends of soffit panels and they are designed to withstand the toughest weather and maintain their beauty.


Outside Corner Posts protect corners and has a receiving channel that  hides the ends of siding panels for a finished, professional vinyl siding installation.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffits have a  two fold function. The most important  one is ventilation for your roof, the second is aesthetics. First we address the ventila- tion by opening up additional ventilation points if needed then we use hidden ventilation soffits which fulfill the function while simultaneously creating a seamless look.
Perforated soffits can help with ventilation but they tend to get clogged more easily. With this type of soffit there is more maintenance required to keep these small holes open and free of debris. Most people prefer the look of the hidden ventilation system.

Charter Oak Siding

Consumer Reports recently conducted its first siding test in more than a decade

The Alside Charter Oak Siding was named a CR Best Buy

Ascend Composite Siding

With tall exposures and the deeply grained look of real wood, ASCEND is available in 20 colors and captures the high-end aesthetics today’s homeowners demand.
  • The look of real wood creates a high-end look
  • An industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • Wind load resistance (up to 180 mph)
  • Patented (GP)² Technology delivers a Class A Fire Rating