How does a 30 year shingle warranty work?
Roofing product warranties cover you if there is a problem with your shingles only due to manufactures defect. If your roof is more than 1 year old you will need to go to any- to submit a claim.
Why a Green Shield Home Lifetime Guarantee?
Our lifetime roof guarantee covers 100% labor & 100% material for life. It also is transferable for the lifetime of your home increasing resale if you ever sell it.
There are many important parts to a roofing system

These include:

  • Decking
  • Ice & Water Shield
  • Underlayment
  • Shingles (asphalt, SBS, or Steel)
  • Flashings
  • Ventilation
  • Accessories (Caps, Boots, Sky Lights & Drip Edge)

Roof Decking


We recommend a complete tear off on ALL existing materials so we can inspect the whole decking and replace any rotten or soft wood.

We only replace wood when it is absolutely necessary to save you on the cost while responsibly insuring a good quality, long lasting roof.


The weak spots in your roof, that tend to develop leak issues and rotten wood are predictable:

  • Valleys
  • Eaves
  • Flashings
  • Boots & Caps

Roofing Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is one of the most important and complex elements to a proper roof installation. If there is not enough ventilation it can lead to problems such as curling, cracking, mold growth, and overall decay of the roof.


Hip style roofs are the ONLY roofs where our recom- mendation is  to use exhaust 750 can vents.

A continuous ridge vent is not only a much cleaner and sophisticated aesthetic, but it also the most effective roofing ventilation system available on the market.


There are a variety of underlayments to choose from that can drastically determine the longevity of your roof.


Michigan code calls for 3 feet from the eaves and valleys of Ice & Water Shield. We double it to 6 and we only use the premium Ice & Water Shield.


Felt paper has been around for more than 100 years. This material rips, tears and absorbs water instead of repelling it. This material is still being used widely by crews today.


Quality synthetic underlayments are woven with a High Density Polymer, similar to Kevlar. This material avoids ripping & tearing, repels water, and effectively perform as a secondary water barrier under your shingles

Asphalt Shingles


Which is tougher? A piece of asphalt or a tire?

Why not asphalt?


Asphalt shingles are now made with paper cores where  they used to have a strong fiberglass weave. This causes the shingle to rip and tear easily creating crevices that become weak points in the roofing system allowing leaks to be more prevalent



Just like our roads, asphalt reacts negatively with our harsh weather here in Michigan.

What is SBS?

Poly (styrene-butadiene-styrene) or SBS, is a hard rubber that’s used to make soles of shoes and tire treads.

SBS Shingle:

  • Bends but won’t break.
  • Can withstand hail at 90 mph
  • Class 4 Impact Resistant
  • Wind resistant up to 130 mph

Will my roof look good in 10 years?


Algae can become black due to the dark-pigmented sheath that they use to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.


Standard roof shingles are susceptible to algae spores which can decrease the value of a home


CertainTeed has developed shingles with algae resistant technology. They are made with a blend of surface granules that include copper. They guarantee against any contamination or streaking from algae for 15 years

Northgate SBS Shingle


An SBS-modified shingle is manufactured with special polymers that give it “rubberized” characteristics.


Northgate SBS shingles created by CertainTeed is what we
have chosen to recommend in Michigan

Founded in 1904 CertainTeed has been a leader in roofing; it’s slogan is “Quality made Certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

Granulated Steel Shingles

Tilcor stone-coated steel panels:

  • Made from virgin galvanized steel (24 gauge auto grade)
  • Stands up to extreme weather conditions
  • Uses a revolutionary concealed fastening system
  • Won’t crack, break, burn, curl, split rot or grow mold
  • Is a true 100 year roof

Granulated Steel Shingles

Using the best technology combining virgin 24 gauge steel, zincalume, and acrylic bonding procedures the end result is the most durable and beautiful roofing system on the market. Furthermore, the stones coating the top layer are mined in the colors available. What this means is that these stones from the basin of New Zeeland have been this color from their inception millions of years ago. This ensure the color will stay true and never fade!