Garage Renovation

Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board is designed with a high-strength polymer formulation and engineered to be the perfect alternative to traditional drywall systems. Trusscore’s interlocking system and the unique truss design provides industry leading strength and durability.

Trusscore Slatwall is a heavy-duty solution to help
organize your garage. Trusscore can support weights
up to 75 lbs. per square foot!

Quix Tile

Interlocking Quix Tile:
  • Reduces leg strain by as much as 70%
  • Creates a flat, non-slip sur- face
  • Easy to keep clean and chemical resistant
  • Insulates from the cold hard concrete
  • Long-lasting and built for daily use


Polyaspartic is a tried and proven seamless floor coating created to be strong, durable, and offer longevity – deliver- ing a durable and easy to clean floor for years to come!

Many applications can be installed in ONE day, walked on in hours, and driven on in 48 hours. All Certified Installers have gone through training through the manufacturer to receive certification in applying this product. The floor to the left is an example of the platinum line.

Heated Garage

  • Reznor UDAP-45 Gas Fired Unit Heater is a 115 volt, gas fired unit heater designed to provide efficient heating.
  • Vibration isolated fan and venter motors
New Insulated Deluxe Garage Door